About Painting

I paint because I need to. It is the only place I give myself permission to let go. A painter is a person who paints. Start the process. No preconceptions. And let it evolve.

Too many people inhibit themselves by desiring an outcome too much. I soon know when I start to contrive. It does not feel real.

It does not matter what the painting looks like to begin with. If I trust and keep going gradually it reveals itself. A shape a line a curve. It’s very much intuitive instinctive. I run my hand over the colours and know which one to use .

A colour may be beautiful but if it does not resonate with the rest it has to go. It’s like composing a piece of music . The more you can shut out the voice of the intellect the clearer the tune.

There are no titles. People look for them in the picture. This way you are free to see what you will. I am learning about letting go and not be afraid. That way the pictures are as honest as I can make them.

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